Safe Surgery Anytime, Anyplace



Surgeries need to happen where there is no operating room. Three main problems are experienced while delivering surgery in war zones and the aftermath of natural disasters:

© MORTVEDT, Mari Aftret

©MORTVEDT, Mari Aftret

Patient Safety

High risk of patient infection in non-sterile facilities. Current solutions fit in a tent or other semi-portable structures.



Provider Safety

The high risk of infections is worsened by inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE), as highlighted by the Ebola crisis

©LIOHN, André

Medical Facility inavailability

Medical facilities are targets of attacks. Teams must be nimble so to minimize footprint infrastructure. In addition, surgical capacity facilities are often unavailable in these contexts.

Our Solution


We move away from the assumption that the surgical space of interest is the operating room. Fundamentally, the space that matters is the incision and immediate surgical field over the patient. This recognition literally shrinks the challenge down from over tens of m3 of space to well a tenth of a m3 to be kept sterile. SurgiBox is an ultraportable sterile field the fits in a backpack. It keeps patients and providers safe from surgical site infections.

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