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Safe Surgery for All

 SurgiBox is an ultraportable inflatable surgical environment that fits in a backpack. With it, we bring access to Safe Surgery anytime and anyplace.


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We have the honor to welcome Dr. Jeffrey H. Toney to our advisory board. 

Dr. Toney is Chief Academic Officer (2011- present) at Kean University. He served as a founding Board of Directors member of the startup pharmaceutical company, Sunnylife Pharma, at which he is currently on the Scientific Advisory Board. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific publications and holds six US patents.


What we do

SurgiBox an ultraportable inflatable surgical environment. It is destined to reduce surgical site infections by:

  • Making surgery safer for patients by reducing intraoperative air/skin contamination of incisions

  • Making surgery safer for providers by reducing provider exposure to bodily fluid splashes and aerosol.

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January 2018

Turning any room into an operating room

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